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Geography and Location


Fatehabad is located at 29.52°N 75.45°E. It has an average elevation of 208 metres (682 feet).It is located in the south western part of Haryana. It is surrounded by Punjab in North, district Hisar in south, district Jind in East and Rajasthan and district Sirsa in the West. The geographical area of the district is 2520 km2. which is 5.4% of the state share.

Nearby villages

Jhalaniya, Aharwan, Ayalki, Badopal, Banawali, Bhodia, Bighar, Dariapur, Dhanghar,Dhani Miyan Khan, Salamkhera, Matana, bhirdana, Bhoda Hosnak.


The climate of the district is of tropical type with intensively hot summer and cool winter, with a temperature of 47 in June and 2 C in December and January. The average rainfall of the district is 400 mm.